Vhisz Siph Company Member replied

153 weeks ago

Character Name: Vhisz Siph

Static group are you applying for: Raid Group 1 (or any)
Job for which you are applying to the static: Scholar
Alternate job which you can play sufficiently in raid: Next best is my 187 PLD and 185 SMN
Gear for raid job: Elements Awoken (ilvl200 book)
iLevel: 201
Base Stats(example Int 545, Crit 561 etc..): Mind 1009, Piety 765, Crit 625, Det 372, Spell Speed 581

Secondary Job (for loot/alt): PLD/Tank
Tertiary Job (for loot/alt): MCH/Ranged

I want to raid with this group because while I want to progress further, I don't have much interest in doing so entirely with strangers. I play this game to have fun with friends above all else. This is simply the next step.
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